Harry Ledgerwood
ABI.....Very Nicely Done with some great shots of all the Vettes for the 2017 Vets & Vettes Outing on the Track!!
Rick Shellman
These are some really Awesome pictures!
Thank you very much!

N3UBI Colin Wiseman(non-registered)
I am still fasinated by the shot of the river bend.
In my 12 years of US Navy traverse I have never before seen such a radical water path.
There is nothing like the Defiant Rock.

Love your work and our QSO!

73 de N3UBI Colin Wiseman
Scott Douglas
Awesome job on the pictures at Gateway! These are a great way to remember, and learn from, a first trip to the track.
Sweetpea Simmons(non-registered)
ABI, this is my first time on TTT. I love my photos. I look like a Novice. hehe
Jeremy Tin(non-registered)
Love your work. Keep it up!
Ron Wright(non-registered)
Thanks for all of your great shots. Provides great insight to what the car is doing on track.
Keep up doing what you do:-)
Photos By Ernie(non-registered)
Nice shots!
Just A Focus Photography(non-registered)
Amazing pictures! Thank you for all the advice as well!
William Neal(non-registered)
GREAT JOB and even better service. Looking forward to having you at all the 10/10ths events.
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